To Those Looking for a New Year.

At midnight with the silence of one billion feathers falling  let us pray, upon a door’s opening we find a city burning. Buildings collapsed, cars abandoned, tribes of people powering on and off their cell phones-- to no avail. Hope that when we wake in the morning, nothing but the skeletons and rigid sinews of our society, of our loathsome culture, remain. Our fingers are crossed.
This mountain of burden, this paralyzing ball and chain; this modern society is so pervasive and crippling. Whilst tweeting and face booking and my spacing, I know that secretly and sadistically, we are all hoping our prayers will be answered. An islamo-fascist terrorist attack-- a dirty bomb over a city center-- a brutal but swift slaughter of our cancerous, driveling, mundane existence; we can only dream.
The Jekyll and hide of our being, the schizoid synapse in our brain is simultaneously anxious and ecstatic. We are obsessed with our fears to the point that we are nothing more than an amalgamation of them. And so let us rejoice that our half prayer half nightmare is fully realized this year. Lets hope that the thing we secretly, want will manifest in full bloom. That we can no longer be told what to fear and whom to trust and what we need. Let us hit rock bottom. We will have the chance to start over, to start a new. Let’s get reborn.