Camera: Shenhoa 5x7
Print: Kallitype + split toned with Gold and Selenium.

Regarding thumbtack holes: This is an old kallitype print-- one of the first legitimate silver/iron-prints I made. To increasee dmax, I experimented with coating the paper with sensitizer (AgNO3 and Ferric-Oxalate) then exposing, developing, drying... then re-sensitizing (hence the registration marks/holes). The prints ended up looking exactly the same as those I had just initially double coated with sensitizer (pre-exposure).  But they had the added bonus of thumb-tack marks + blurriness. This print was initially double-coated, but used the thumbtacks just in case. Like an appendix or gall bladder or some other vestigial thing-- if you will. Should I keep talking?

All Photos shot with FILM!
Interested in buying a print? Feeling philanthropic and want to help me continue taking pictures? 
Well thank you! Here's what I am thinking:
...Reprints (Epson 11880 inkjet on fine-art paper): $60
   Kallitype Reprint (original process): $300

Larger sizes/frames/mounting send me an email and lets figure something out. Deal?