cell fone pix from HarrisBURG

This is just a cell phone shot. It's across the street from a shell station, somewhere by Halsey. I pulled in here and set the tripod & 4x5 on top of my car to get a pic looking down on this empty lot. Standing ontop the roof, focusing the camera, my breath fogged the ground glass. It took longer then I'd expected. A semi honked while driving by. A couple people slowed down to see why i was standing on top of the car. The thought crossed my mind that it'd probably be more likely for someone in Halsey to climb on top their car to set up an assault rifle then an old 1940's press camera. Thankfully the citizen cops and NRA militiamen were too busy erecting a shoe-goo, railroad-tie, particle-board replica of George Wallace and Bull Connor holding hands, giving high fives in heaven....or something... Either that or I get paranoid. I hope the negatives turn out.