cell fone pix from RENO





visiting reno. went to the largest sporting goods store in the world. they had a huge collection of beautiful dead animals. they were displayed in natual poses: "lynx catching a bird in mid-flight", "deer foraging", "bear roaring whilst defending its young, dead, cubs". wolverines, mountain goats, badgers, deers, elks, wolves, coyotes, prairie dogs, chipmunks, moose, birds-- they were all comingling right there at the heart of the sporting goods mall, next to the ferris wheel, ontop of a mountain tableaux. not sure where you'd get a stuffed wolverine and wolf (aren't they endangered?)-- but this reno sporting goods mall wreaked of legitimacy, so i am not worried... killing wolves, stuffing their bodies and then displaying them in a piss-poor re-creation of a hunt seems like a ton of hard work. and perhaps a bit unnecessary and missing a thousand points-- why not leave the wolves breathing and watch them hunt real deer? this mall just needs live versions of these animals. dear and coyotes foraging and feasting while customers look for discounted fleece sweatshirts and cross trainer running shoes. and an additional revenue stream: charge the patrons to shoot at the animals-- mid-hunt, or mid-breast-feed, or mid-whatever-- from their recliner chairs at the adjoined super-chain steakhouse. a one-stop-shop... also: there were wax molds of some of the more notable u.s. presidents like lincoln, truman, eisenhower, etc. the statues were relics just like the stuffed animals; equally covered in mildew and reemed full of bark chips. the presidents moved their arms in jerky movements and gave cassette-tape speeches. I counted the steps. lincoln was just 15 steps away from a flock of ducks in flight, a mountain lion and a grizzly bear. thats history for ya.